Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Manufacturer

Vinayak manufacture of road construction equipment is proud of leader in the road building and construction industry. Vinayak manufacture is a leading specialist in the manufacture of thermoplastic road marking materials and road safety surfacing products. Our machine is exported worldwide and can be formulated to meet individual performance specification or for different climatic condition. Our highly professional expert in both traditional and construction methods as well as the application of their own cutting edge techniques that rely on all control of machinery. It is easy to operate and for application have highly strength good performance with break free operation.

Road marking machine are cost-effective way of reducing accidents. There is various type of road marking machine like white marking, continuous white marking, yellow lines, and some images where it needed.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Supplier

Definition of Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine :-

  • Thermoplastic Road marking machine are produced using a powder paint which is warmed to high temperature before being sprayed into the road or surface. Fast drying and wear safe thermoplastic marking have numerous advantages that make them valuable in an extensive variety of utilizations including auto parks and road security markings.
  • As we can also say that hot melt marking paint thermoplastic paint the paint is applied using specialist marking machine or can also be applied in form of tapes or pre-cut shapes. Thermoplastic road marking machine no dangerous volatile solvents. The capacity of the tank is 100 kgs.

Benefits of Road Marking Machine :-

  • Quick drying:- Quick-drying thermoplastic road marking are fit to use inside a brief time frame outline which is an imperative favorable position while being connected for Open Street utilize. This implies the surface can be utilized at the end of the day immediately or interruption.
  • High-visibility:- High visibility transparent glass beads are joined into thermoplastic paint giving it an intelligent capacity that is valuable. The high perceivability is imperative for road marking where the security of walkers or drivers should be ensured. Because of this shades blended into the paint a scope of strong and eye getting are accessible ideal for both well-being purpose and kids play area.
  • Thick:- Thermoplastic road marking can be connected thickly which is play an important safety features for making road marking ready to utilize for the arrangement of thunder strips or to caution of up and coming risk out.
  • Wear- Resistant:- Vinayak manufactures give materials with high strength and resistance. Durable and hard wearing thermoplastic road marking in this manner don’t blur or debase effortlessly after some time diminishing the requirement for customary re-application.

Thermoplastic road marking machine :-

As multiple advantages of thermoplastic road marking machine can be used for high range of application like

  • Car parking , bus lanes and other traffic areas
  • Cycle lanes
  • Colorful playground markings
  • Floor logos and graphics
  • Sport court markings
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