Bitumen Storage Tank

Bitumen Storage Tank Manufacturer

Vinayak have been manufacturing bitumen storage tank for many years and have vast experience in this. Vinayak is pioneer for manufacture and supplier of bitumen storage tank in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Vinayak has created a reputation for being a versatile provider of high quality tank solutions. Vinayak fabricate bitumen storage tank are completely protected come in both vertical and horizontal set up and can be constructed and delivered to different area in Gujarat, India.

Vinayak ensures its tanks conform to industry best practice guidelines regarding safety handling bitumen, including safe working capacity, available usage, and accurate contents. The storage capacity of the bitumen storage tanks is 25000 liter to 50000 liter and it’s available in different shape like horizontal and vertical. On the contrary when you come to vinayak bitumen storage tank design we will provide full start- to – finish services to ensure maximum consistency and quality control.

Bitumen Storage Tank Supplier

Vinayak manufacture bitumen storage tanks are a high quality solution for asphalt plants for a variety of reasons. Our quality control system for these is defined by total traceability and transparency. We design each bitumen storage tank by our customer requirement we should configuration harsh diagram before we push forward into the manufacturing stages

  • We counsel with you on your tank needs and particulars.
  • We conceptualize and plan the tank first on a paper.
  • We screen the assembling procedure to guarantee a brilliant item
  • We finish the site conveyance and establishment ourselves including all important pipework.
  • We evacuate any old or out of date bitumen tanks from your workspace to clear a path for your new tank.

Bitumen Storage Tank Exporter

Features of Bitumen Storage Tank :-

  • Easy to operate
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Thick high efficiency insulation
  • Temperature indicating monitoring
  • Independent ultimate high level alarm
  • Range of heating is available.

Advantages of Bitumen Storage Tank :-

  • Horizontal tanks minimize of the asphalt because the surface area of the asphalt because the surface area of the asphalt in contact with the air inside the tank is much smaller than a vertical tanks. This is especially important for asphalt cement which oxidizes faster because it is maintained at higher temperature.
  • Another advantages of bitumen storage tanks is that limited ground area its occupies. Vertical tanks have smaller footprints than horizontal tanks. You can put four vertical tanks in ground space occupied by a single horizontal tank.
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