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Vinayak Manufacture provides a range of top modern static asphalt batch mix plant for all purpose. Through years of experience Vinayak manufacturehas developed unique product programmer covering all parts of plants like size in range from 20-150 tph. Vinayak manufacture plants are flexible, accessibility, performance, a minimum of maintenance and easy operation.

Vinayak team expert researchers put all their efforts in offering profitable solution using latest technologies. Our asphalt batch mix plants is aim to design and deliver most consumer friendly, innovative and product of road construction equipment’s. An asphalt batch mix plant is ideal construction equipment used for manufacturing of asphalt that is mainly used for road construction and other civil construction.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Supplier

Vinayak is an expert of manufacturing an Asphalt batching plant offers most recent innovation to the extent making Asphalt is concerned. Its hardware which is dependable as it permits singular weighing of totals, bitumen and minerals. Smooth usefulness and unwavering quality of a gear relies on upon the producer and his hardware performing. Minimal effort, dependability, lesser upkeep and low working costs likewise matter a great deal. Thus it ends up plainly critical to source the gear from a rumored producer of development hardware. Chart book is one such black-top blending plant makers India who fabricates and offers these plants remembering quality and low operation costs.

This asphalt gets their name as asphalt batch mix plants because of their ability to produce hot mix asphalts in batches. The size of these plants is highly depending on the capacity of each batch.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Exporters

  • The procedure begins when frosty totals are sustained to the proper total feeder bins.
  • Then again this will be metered from the bins independently and move towards the drying drum.
  • In middle of they need to pass an essential vibrating screen for removal of larger than average materials.
  • A conveyer that takes place a cold totals all things considered in to the drying drums.
  • The drum highlighted here is move from one end burner to another ends and when this process continues they completely dried.
  • This lift is completely secured and it takes the totals to the top end of the tower unit where vibrating screen is set.
  • The separation of the screen is according to the size of the aggregates.
  • The screen has permission for the removal of the oversize and overflow materials.
  • The bitumen storage which is stored in the tanks is flowed from the tanks below by an asphalt pump into the bucket near the mixer.
  • Before the bitumen is mixed with that mixture the hot aggregates has already entered the mixing units.

Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Manufacturer

Asphalt Batch Mix Pants India

Vinayak manufacture asphalt batch mixing plants is highly depends upon some functions like

  • Drying and heating the aggregates
  • Bitumen and binder materials
  • Binder with aggregates

Component Used For Asphalt Batch Mix Plants:-

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Cold Feeder Unit

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Thermo - Drum Unit

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Bag House Filter Unit

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Batching Tower

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Pug Mill Mixer Unit

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Bitumen Storage & Heating Tank

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Thermic Oil Heater

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Dryer Burner

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Control Cabin

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

SCADA - PLC Control System

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Brand New Genset

asphalt batch mixing plant exporter

Wire and Cables

Advantages Of Asphalt Batch Mix Plants:-

  • Most exact hardware to make hot blend asphalt.
  • Effectively join reused asphalt in the mix.
  • To control the creation and nature of the final result.
  • The plants help to work with many clients as formula can be changed without compromising on the quality.
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