Thermoplastic Pre-Heater

Thermoplastic Pre - Heater Manufacturer

Vinayak is a leading thermoplastic pre-heater manufacture and supplier in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We can also say this machine as “pre-melt kettle”. The thermoplastic pre-heater provided hot melting for road marking machine while performing the long distance in road. The vinayak manufacture machine with preheater of size 500 liter as per client requirement. The machine is manufacture by our expert with the help of latest advanced technology and premium quality materials.

Thermoplastic pre-heater is used for heating, melting and stirring thermoplastic marking plants continuously preparing the hot melt plants for the construction of the road lines and marking works. During the construction in this Thermoplastic pre-heater first put powder coating in to the pre-heater machine. The heating temperature should be kept controlled between 180o to 200 degree. The preheater driven by efficient hydraulic power unit. Propane gas or diesel oil burner system can be supplied for heating.

Vinayak manufacture thermoplastic pre-heater are hydraulic stirring preheater use diesel engine as power driving hydraulic devices.

Thermoplastic Pre - Heater Supplier

Road Marking Machine Pre Heater Feature :-

  • Low cost, easy to use unit that provide flexibility fast heating
  • Fast and efficient heating when mixing of thermoplastic
  • Low maintenance cost
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