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Asphalt Paver Finisher Machine

Vinayak is one of the pioneers for manufacture and supplier of Asphalt paver finisher machine in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.  Vinayak is the first and foremost choice of road construction companies for Asphalt paver finisher machine in India.  Excellent technology efficient construction and easy operation are the crucial requirement for its popularity and performance. As years of experience the asphalt paver finisher is effective performance and smooth to use. The machine is designed and manufacture according to the client requirement.

Vinayak offers a broad range of Asphalt paver finisher machine that competes in rubber tires, steel track and rubber belted markets. If asphalt paver finisher machine stops moving due to lack of materials disruptive lateral joints occur as a result the just keep paver layer cooling down.  The paver standard mix the paving temperature should be higher than 110o c to allow a large time frame as possible as for working the machine.  The reliable performance of the asphalt paver is the most important factor when it comes to achieving these requirements. Vinayak design the asphalt paver machine that have desired thickness to mix which can obtained by adjusting the toe points which sometimes increases and decreases at the time of construction.

Components used in Asphalt paver finisher machine:-

  • Power unit
  • Transmission
  • Conveyor
  • Screed
  • Control
  • Hopper

Features of Asphalt paver finisher machine:-

  • Easy and smooth functions
  • Strength and stability
  • High in durability
  • Environment friendly


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Advantages of Asphalt paver finisher Machine

  • Comfortable: - Asphalt paver finisher machine gives public smooth quiet rides. Paver finisher is a flexible pavement built in multiple layers with a continuous flow of materials moving through the asphalt paver.  These is highly beneficial for the airport road ways means safer landing and takeoff, because such surface are smoother and easily to maintain.

  • Cost efficient: - Paver Finisher has low cost lasts long and due to its recyclability not just in actual cost but also in long terms of the time it takes complete construction. It also saves the public, Government and contractors time because we can say that” Time is money”.

  • Durability: - Asphalt is reliable weather resistant materials which can be design for low and high traffic conditions can also be designed to fit for specific purpose.

  • Safety: - Asphalt paver finisher related to its smooth like finish. It offers specifies the right solution for all type of road and weather condition maximum safety for all road users.

  • Noise reduction: - Use of Asphalt paver finisher can reduce the noise both inside and outside the machine. Asphalt road have the lowest noise level of all traditional road surface.

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